I’m the wearer of many hats at Code with Hugo.

Inspired Wes Bos’s “awesome-uses” collection. Here are the tools I use.

Table of Contents:


Disclaimer: A few of the following links are Amazon Affiliate links

I bought the majority of these items on Amazon so hope you’ll bear with me.

Editor(s) + Terminal

Full coding setup walkthrough: A simple JavaScript/Node coding setup on Mac OS X

Desktop (and web) Apps

I’ve detailed how I set up my desktop apps at A simple JavaScript/Node coding setup on Mac OS X

  • Maccy a newer, lighter, easier to install version of Clipy
  • Alfred, I just use Alfred as a better Spotlight Search.
  • Replaced by Maccy Clipy is the must-have Desktop app for me. It’s a clipboard manager, and it works. It’s actually the only thing that I struggle with when helping others code on their machines, having that multiple-entry clipboard is invaluable when refactoring, lifting and shifting etc…

Web apps and services