I’m the wearer of many hats at Code with Hugo.

Inspired Wes Bos’s “awesome-uses” collection. Here are the tools I use.

Table of Contents:


Editor(s) + Terminal

Full coding setup walkthrough: A simple JavaScript/Node coding setup on Mac OS X

Desktop Apps

I’ve detailed how I set up my desktop apps at A simple JavaScript/Node coding setup on Mac OS X

  • Lacona, “Launch apps and find your files instantly” a better “better spotlight” than Alfred
  • Maccy a newer, lighter, easier to install version of Clipy
  • Kap for screen recordings
  • Gifski to generate and edit GIFs
  • Joplin, a free, secure, open-source, cross-platform notes app
  • Replaced by Lacona Alfred, I just use Alfred as a better Spotlight Search.
  • Replaced by Maccy Clipy is the must-have Desktop app for me. It’s a clipboard manager, and it works. It’s actually the only thing that I struggle with when helping others code on their machines, having that multiple-entry clipboard is invaluable when refactoring, lifting and shifting etc…

Web apps and services


Using bookmarklets

  1. Right click the bookmarklet you want to add to your browser
  2. Select “Bookmark this link” or equivalent
  3. Save it as a bookmark
  4. You can now use the bookmarklet by selecting it from your bookmarks.


pmset sleepnow“Sleep” on Mac OS from the Terminal/Command Line (see original tweet)