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Github Pull Request Review: reset viewed files

GitHub Pull Request Review workflow is great.

What I particularly like is the “file viewed” toggle, which mean that I’m not tempted to re-review the whole Pull Request when a single file has changed and I’ve already checked the rest of them.

However there are instances where I want to re-review the PR as a whole instead of just the changes since my last review. For example when there have been a lot of small changes that add up.

I’ve used the following snippet in the “files” Pull Request Review View (/pulls/{id}/files) to reset the “viewed” files (if they’re all marked as viewed).

Mark all files in a GitHub PR as “not viewed”:

document.querySelectorAll('.js-reviewed-toggle').forEach(c => c.click())

— Hugo (@hugo__df) June 1, 2020

A smarter way to do this is to uncheck all the checked js-reviewed-checkbox elements on the page:

Unmark all “viewed” files in a GitHub PR:

document.querySelectorAll('.js-reviewed-checkbox[checked]').forEach(c => c.click())

— Hugo (@hugo__df) July 7, 2020

You can add this to your own browser as a bookmarklet

  1. Right click on this link: GH Review > Mark all unviewed
  2. Select “Bookmark this link” or equivalent
  3. Save it as a bookmark
  4. You can now use the “GH Review > Mark all unviewed” bookmarklet on the GitHub Review page

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